Sale status:    Completed

The lots have been successfully sold off. This private sale has therefore been completed.

Private Sale

On behalf of the beneficiaries we will be auctioning selected machines and facilities from several branches of TyreXpert Reifen + Autoservice GmbH in a private sale. Up for sale will be the vehicle fleet (trucks, cars, vans, trailers), 2- and 4-column lifts, wheel alignment stands, tire washing machines, electric forklifts, tire mounting and tire balancing machines, air conditioning units, air compressors, diagnostic devices, laser setting devices, tire storage racks as well as other items of the company. Please see below for full details.

Bidder registration & online bid submission

  Registration/bid submission now open
  Private Sale ends Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Lots close upon bid acceptance. Subject to prior sale.
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Bids for entire branches preferred.


Now open by individual appointment
  TyreXpert Reifen + Autoservice GmbH, Spandauer Str. 1-3, D–21502 Geesthacht

The branches in Demmin, Goldberg, Halle (Saale), Hamburg (Bergedorf, Harburg, Wilhelmsburg), Kiel Plaza, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Neumünster (Süd), Quickborn, Stuhr-Brinkum and Waren-Müritz have already been sold.


Now open by individual appointment from the branches in Demmin, Geesthacht, Goldberg, Halle (Saale), Hamburg (Bergedorf, Harburg, Wilhelmsburg), Kiel Plaza, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Neumünster (Süd), Quickborn, Stuhr-Brinkum, Waren-Müritz.

Auction Catalogue
Lot listing on request:
T +49 (0)40 – 469 666-70
F +49 (0)40 – 469 666-80
Auction Details

Approx. 300 lots are up for sale:

  • 2 Trucks
    • MERCEDES BENZ Atego, 247,093 km, 3-seater, manual transmission, case, L 6,000 mm, tail lift SÖRENSEN X1A, YOM 2008, side door
    • MERCEDES BENZ Atego, 231,034 km, 3-seater, manual transmission, body: boxed, platform length 6,500 mm, tail lift CARGOLIFT, manual control
  • 1 Laser Setting Device
    HAWK EYE Hunter, PC, TFT monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, bar table
  • 2 Vans
    • VOLKSWAGEN Crafter TDI, 3-seater, manual transmission, high and long version, trailer coupling
    • IVECO, 6RZFY000365, EZ 06/2014, closed box, high and long version, diesel, 71 kW, 2,286 ccm
  • 3 sets of Truck Equipment
    • consisting of: Trolley jack, tire changer CORGHI HD600 Tilt, impact wrench PNEUTEC UT84646, YOM 2016, 1” version, tool trolley, sheet steel, content: lot of hand tools, best. from: pliers, screwdrivers, sockets etc.
    • consisting of: Truck tire fitting device RAVDION / WULF, 2-way electric drive, emergency power unit PROTEC P11000 power system, compressed air compressor, storage tank, standing solidair, tool cabinet KS TOOL, 7 pull-outs, content: hand tools, two-jaw vise, pneumatic screwdriver, torque wrench, stopper with warning lights, 2 truck Jack, load capacity up to 50 t, vehicle tester PCL, for tire pressure measurement, hose reel PREVOSD, 2 construction lights MEGAMAN KEPPA, screwed to the wall, interior lighting
    • consisting of: Truck tire changer CORGHI HD1000, electric drive, emergency generator PRAMAC, compressed air compressor FIAC, compressed air storage tank SOLIDAIR, workshop cabinet KS TOOL, 7 pull-outs, attached two-jaw vise, content: hand tools, 2x interior lighting, 2x construction light, ceiling-mounted, tube decoiler, tire inflator TIP TOP Profi
  • 3 4-Column Vehicle Lifts
    • CONSUL H830, YOM 2016, load capacity 4.500 kg
    • CONSUL H302, YOM 2002, load capacity 4.000 kg, total length approx. 6,000 mm, bolted to the floor
    • RAVAGLIOLI RAV422N, YOM 2002, load capacity 3.500 kg, axle jack
  • 14 2-Column Vehicle Lifts
    • CONSUL H400, YOM 2016, load capacity 3.500 kg
    • CORGHI, YOM 2011, load capacity 4 t
    • CONSUL HD327, YOM 2017, load capacity 4.000 kg
    • CONSUL H355, YOM 2007, load capacity 4.000 kg
    • CONSUL H300, YOM 2008, load capacity 3.000 kg
    • CONSUL H354, YOM 2005, load capacity 3.000 kg
    • HOFMANN BT2500, YOM ca. 1990, load capacity 2.500 kg
    • HOFMANN, YOM ca. 2000 – 2005, load capacity 2.500 kg
    • TIP TOP Prolift 2.30 EL, YOM 2001, load capacity 3.000 kg
    • TIP TOP Prolift 2.40 EL, YOM ca. 2000 – 2002, load capacity ca. 2.500 – 3.000 kg
    • RAVAGLIOLI KN337W-WK-WR, YOM 2001,
    • ROMAICO H225, YOM 1992, load capacity 2.500 kg
    • ROMAICO H225, YOM 1990, load capacity 2.500 kg
    • ROMAICO H225, YOM 1990, load capacity 2.500 kg
  • 1 Car
    VOLKSWAGEN Polo 1.2, petrol Euro 5, 44 kW, 1,198 ccm, ID no. 027439, first reg. 08/2011, 56,500km
  • 2 Wheel Alignment Stands
    • RAVAGLIOLI RAV TD1780BTH, YOM 2008, TFT monitor, keyboard, mouse, on chassis
    • RAVAGLIOLI RAVTD1780BTH, YOM 2010, measuring computer with mech. Turntable, filler pieces, 2 columns, measuring head, scissor lift RAVAGLIOLI RAV365.2 SI, load capacity 2,500 kg, L approx. 4,000 mm, aluminum ramp
  • 1 Electric Forklift
    STILL R50-15, YOM 2002, load capacity 1,500 kg, power 4.0 kW, duplex mast, operating hours 4,407
  • 1 Wheel Alignment System
    consisting of: Four-column lift CONSUL H375, YOM 2008, load capacity 4,000 kg, wheel alignment unit VISUALLINER Ultra V3D-Lift, YOM 2006, tube monitor, accessories
  • 2 Tire Washing Machines
    • TIP TOP Turbowash 3000
    • RHEMA / TIP TOP Turbowash 3000
  • 1 Truck Tire Fitting Device
    RAVAGLIOLI G10360D.15, YOM 2014, counter bracket, compressed air operation, joystick, foot control
  • 9 Tire Fitting Devices
    • M&B TC 525 PG X2P TH, YOM 2015, side arm for RFT tire processing
    • CORGHI A2025 DV, YOM ca. 2005, weight 234 kg
    • RAVAGLIOLI, YOM ca. 2005
    • BUTLER 1022P, YOM 2000
    • JET Ergo Line
    • CORGHI A2025 DV, YOM 2005
    • CORGHI A2025, YOM ca. 2000 – 2005, on pallet
    • CORGHI HD1200E, YOM ca. 2000, power 6,2 kW
    • CORGHI Artiglio A2019
    • CORGHI A2020DW
  • 2 Air Compressors
    • MARK MSA1KW G2, YOM 2011, compressed air storage tank BLITZ, galvanized, standing, compressed air dryer HANKISON HHDP70CE, YOM 2002
    • KAESER Pro Air S4 / 14, compressed air storage tank, metal, galvanized, capacity approx. 2,000 l, compressed air dryer
    • FLACO KAZ701-15G, YOM 2007, compressed air boiler, capacity approx. 500 l, currently defective, not usable
    • MAHLE, YOM 1990
  • 3 Diagnostic Devices
    • GUTMANN Mega Macs 66, accessories, carrying case
    • BOSCH FSA560, exhaust fume tester BOSCH BEA060, exhaust fume tester BOSCH BEA070
    • HELLA GUTMANN Mega Macs 50
  • 9 Tire Balancing Machines
    • RAVAGLIOLI GP3-140WSP.US, YOM 2019, touch panel
    • HOFMANN Geodyna 4300, YOM 2005
    • HOFMANN Geodyna 75
    • REMA / TIP TOP Probalance 785P
    • 948, YOM 2002, 230 Volt
    • BEISSBARTH Microtec 870, YOM 2000, 0,75 kW
    • HOFMANN Geodyna 2000L, YOM 1996
    • REMA / TIP TOP P7520P, power 1,1 kW
    • HOFMANN, YOM ca. 1990
  • 1 Truck Tire Fitting Device
    RAVAGLIOLI G9256D.15, YOM 2012
  • 1 Car Trailer
    2 axes, mounted hydraulic press REXEL, for tire mounting
  • 1 lot of Tire Storage Racks
    consisting of: 80 m. double-sided, 20 m. one-sided, 10 storage racks, metal, painted, orange, 2 levels
  • 6 Air Conditioning Service Units
    • WAECO Aircon ASC1000, YOM 2008, power 0,9 kW
    • HELLA GUTMANN Husky FD R134a 300, YOM 2013
    • WECO WMTEC KSS G, YOM 2015, für refrigerant R134A
    • WECO ASC, für refrigerant R134A
    • TEXA K670E Komfort
    • COMFEE Splitter, wall-mounted, outdoor cooling unit
  • 3 Electric Pallet Trucks
    • RAPID RHE100, YOM 2012, load capacity 1,000 kg, dead weight 360 kg, electric lifting, lifting height 2,500 mm
    • FALKEN, load capacity 1.400 kg
    • RAPID, load capacity max. 1.000 kg, lifting height max. 2.900 mm
  • Other Items
    2-axle trailer, aluminum adjusting ladder, axle lifter, bar grinder, bar vacuum, battery charger, boltless shelving system, brake bleeding device, brake test stand, burner trolley, cabinets, cardboard boxes, changing lockers, cordless screwdriver, double air racks, finish balancers, flagpoles, folding ladder, four-claw press, furniture, gear jacks, hand lever scissors, hand machines, hazardous materials sumps, heaters, heavy-duty shelf, high-pressure cleaners, hose unwider, hydraulic presses, impact wrench, jack, lifting devices, lifting platforms, loading aid, manual drum pumps, microwave oven, network distribution cabinet, office space equipment, oil collecting container, oil collecting trays, oil collecting trolley, oil filling system, oil suction trolley, oil tanks, old pallets, operating device, pallet trucks, pallets, PCs, rack cabinet, radial fan, room equipment, routers, safe, scissor lift, scrap, servers, sheet steel cupboards, shelves, shipping containers, sideboards, spreader, steel rims, storage containers, storage platforms, storage racks, storage tanks, switch, table, telephone system, tire cart, tire fitting cage, tire inflator, tire lift spreader, tire storage system, tire transport cart, tire trolleys, tool inserter, tools, torque wrench, TPMS maintenance device, trailer, used oil collecting tray, used oil collecting trolley, used oil tank, used tires, vulcanizing device, wardrobe, washing machine, welding machine, wheel lifter, wheel washer, work table, workbenches, workshop crane, workshop equipment, workshop press, workshop trolley.

   TyreXpert Reifen + Autoservice GmbH
   Multiple Locations
   Private Sale
  September 30, 2020
 approx. 300 lots


  2- and 4-Column Lifts
  Air Compressors
  Air Conditioners
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  Diagnostic Devices
  Electric Forklifts
  Laser Setting Devices
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  Tire Mounting and Balancing Machines
  Tire Storage Racks
  Tire Washing Machines
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