Auction Status:    Completed

On March 24, 2020 we successfully auctioned off the majority of the available lots. The remaining items are now available in a separate Private Sale.

Online Auction

On behalf of the beneficiaries we will be auctioning the machinery and facilities of Stambera Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH from Fellbach in an online auction on our secure auction platform. Up for sale will be bed milling machines, master and traction spindle lathes, console milling machines, miter band saws, column drilling machines, milling machines, clamping tables, radial drilling machines, cold circular saws and the vehicle fleet as well as other items of the company. Please see below for full details.

Bidder registration & online bid submission

  Registration/bid submission now open
  Lots close on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 from 09:00h
  on our auction platform:


Thursday, March 19, 2020 from 09:00-17:00 h
  Stambera Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH, Erich-Herion-Straße 25, D–70736 Fellbach


Mon, March 30 to Fri, April 3, 2020 and
Mon, April 6 to Thu, April 9, 2020
(Mon–Thu 08:00–17:00 h, Fri 08:00–13:00 h)
  Stambera Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH, Erich-Herion-Straße 25, D–70736 Fellbach

Auction Catalogue
Auction Details

A total of approx. 220 lots are up for auction:

  • 1 Bed Milling Machine
    HO CHUN MACHINERY UH-1000A, YOM 2014, table 360 ​​x 1,500 mm, travel X / Y / Z 1,000 x 540 x 430 mm, max. table load 800 kg, milling head HURON, coolant device, work lamp, digital display FAGOR
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  • 1 Console Milling Machine
    RECKERMANN Kombi 900, YOM 1983, table size 1,000 x 310 mm, travel X / Y / Z 720 x 220 x 450 mm, tool holder SK 50, HD machine vice
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  • 1 Milling Machine
    PANAK FV 4, table size 1,600 x 300 mm, travel X / Y / Z 1,000 x 400 x 450 mm, speed max. 3,000 rpm, tool holder ISO 40
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  • 1 Truck
    MERCEDES BENZ 313 CDI, diesel, 95 kW, 2,148 ccm, EZ 03/2005, ID no. WDB9036121R768298, 91,736 km, TÜV 09/2021, open platform, official registration number WN-YX 168
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  • 1 Car
    RENAULT Kangoo rapid 1.5 dCi, diesel, 76 kW, 1,461 ccm, EZ 04/2008, ID no. VF1FW0FB639318767, 145,867 km, TÜV 04/2020, registration number WN-YP 976
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  • 4 Master and Traction Spindle Lathes
    • COLCHESTER Master 3250, center height 170 mm, center width 1,250 mm, digital display FAGOR, three-jaw chuck, quick-change tool post, System Multifix, type B, coolant system
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    • AFM TUG40, turning length 1,000 mm, three-jaw chuck, quick-change tool post, System Multifix, tailstock, three-jaw chuck Ø 250 mm, digital display FAGOR, splash guard
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    • AFM TUG-40, YOM 1986, turning diameter 260/450 mm, turning length 1,000 mm, three-jaw chuck, quick-change tool post, System Multifix, tailstock, splash guard
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    • COLCHESTER BANTAM, center height 150 mm, center width 500 mm, three-jaw chuck, tailstock, quick-change tool post system Multifix
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  • 2 Miter Band Saws
    • BERG & SCHMIDT GBS242 DG, YOM 2014, 1.3 kW, saw band size 2.965x27x0.9 mm, working height 940 mm, dimensions approx.1.500×1.250×1.700 mm, 2 roll feed tracks
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    • EISELE HBT240, YOM 1994, cutting diameter 240 mm, saw band length 2.835 mm, table height approx. 950 mm
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  • 1 Cold Circular Saw
    EISELE VMS-II-S-PV 421, YOM 1985, roll feed
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  • 2 Band Saws
    • RÜSCH, feed roller conveyor
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    • METABO BS0633, YOM 1987, saw blade L 230 mm, cutting height max. 160 mm, side passage 330 mm
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  • 4 Column Drills
    • ALZMETALL AB35S, YOM 1987, table size approx. 600 x 470 mm, quill travel 180 mm, speed max. 3,000 rpm, feed, drilling vice
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    • BEMATO 28VS-ST, YOM 1994, cross table 900 x 250 mm, quill travel 180 mm, speed max. 1,600 rpm, feed
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    • BEMATO 28WS-ST, YOM 1993, cross table 900 x 250 mm, quill travel 180 mm, speed max. 1,600 rpm, feed
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    • FLOTT SB23L, table size 350 x 300 mm, lifting height max. 100 mm, max. 2,800 rpm, drilling vice
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  • 1 Radial Drilling Machine
    KAO MING KMR1250, YOM 1980, table size 820×2.400 mm, projection 1.180 mm, quill stroke 300 mm, clamping cube, weight approx.3.500 kg
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  • 1 Precision Reamer and Countersink Grinding Machine
    DAREX TR70, work light, device console
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  • 1 Twist Drill Precision Grinding Machine
    DAREX SP2500 , steel base
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  • 1 Clamping Table
    ca. 3.000 x 1.400 mm
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  • 1 MIG / MAG Pulse Welding Machine
    REHM Mega.Puls Fokus400, wire feed case, hose package, pressure reducer
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  • 1 Plasma Cutter
    REHM Baracuda RTC150
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  • 1 Keyseating Machine
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  • Other Items
    Aluminium rolling scaffold, angle drill, angle grinder, assembly row, assembly table row, assembly tables, bathroom scales, beamer, belt grinder, bottle transport trolley, cable dispenser, cable drums, clamps. combi hammer, compressor rack -Freezer combination, conference table, crane hammer, crimping pliers, cross-cut and miter circular saw, cylinder vacuum cleaner, double grinder block, double steel base cabinets, double steel cabinets, drawer cabinets, drawing board, drill, edge grinding machine, edge milling machine, electric belt grinder Euro grid box, electric belt grinder, electric chain saw, Euro pallets, file cabinet system, four-jaw chuck, grid box, grid material cupboard, ground drill machine, hand hydraulic punch, HD machine vise, height ripper, industrial vacuum cleaner, inert gas welding machines, installation tester, jack stands, jack, jigsaw, ladders, leaf sweeper, locker cabinets, machine vice, magnetic drill, marking plate, metal case, multi-function tools, multifunction device, office equipment, one-hand angle grinder, packing tape dispenser, pallet truck, PC, plan cabinets, plan cutters, plants, plastic crane, plotters, programming devices, pullers, refrigerator, room equipment, rotary hammer, saber saw, SAFE tanks, shelves, steel base frames , steel lockers, steel partitions, steel sliding cabinets, telescopic drawer cabinets, telescopic extension ladder, three-jaw chuck, Time clock, toggle press, tool boxes, tool cabinet, tool case, tool trolley, transport trolley, trestles, tumble dryer, two-hand grinder, wall panel, washing machine, weighing pallet truck, welding curtains, welding fume extraction, welding helmets, welding tables, work trestles, workbench, workshop trolley.

   Stambera Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH
   D-70736 Fellbach
   Online Auction
  March 24, 2020
 approx. 220 lots


  Bed Milling Machines
  Clamping Tables
  Cold Circular Saws
  Column Drilling Machines
  Console Milling Machines
  Master and Traction Spindle Lathes
  Milling Machines
  Miter Band Saws
  Radial Drilling Machines
  Vehicle Fleet


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