Auction status:    Completed

The available lots have all been sold. This Private Sale is now completed.

Private Sale

On behalf of the beneficiaries we are auctioning the well-maintained machines and facilities from MB&S GmbH in a Private Sale on our secure auction platform. Up for sale are ca. 4o lots, including a horizontal machining center, milling machine, CNC lathe, vertical lathe, shelf, bending machine, measuring machine, tool and accessory packages, hydraulic power pack, digital 3-point internal measuring device etc. Please see below for full details.

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  Private Sale ends Thursday, December 31, 2020

  Lots close upon bid acceptance. Subject to prior sale.
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Now open
by individual appointment
  MB & S GmbH, Vor dem Haßel 9, D-21438 Brackel


Mon, December 14 to Fri, December 18, 2020
(Mon-Thu: 09:00–17:00 h, Fri: 09:00–13:00 h)
  MB & S GmbH, Vor dem Haßel 9, D-21438 Brackel


Auction Details

Approx. 40 lots are up for sale:

  • 1 Horizontal Machining Center
    HEIDENREICH & HARBECK MAKINO MC65, YOM 1990, control FANUC Series 15-M, tool magazine 60-fold, tool holder SK40, 2-fold pallet changer, chip conveyor, coolant unit
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  • 1 Milling Machine
    RECKERMANN, YOM 1991, groove clamping table 450 x 1,400 mm, 2 attached groove clamping tables, each 400 x 500 mm, control HEIDENHAIN
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  • 1 CNC Lathe  SOLD
    GILDEMEISTER NEF CT20, EPL2 control, 16-station tool turret, chip conveyor, KUPA Eco Feed EF bar loader
  • 1 Vertical Lathe
    DÖRRIES, YOM 1972, 5-fold tool changer, CNC control SIEMENS Sinumerik 8, chip conveyor KS 63, YOM 1986, 2 switch cabinets, wooden pedestal, front side, refurbished in 1988 at AW Neumünster
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  • 1 Shelving Rack  SOLD
    21 meters, sheet steel, galvanized, plug-in system, content: items of consumables, dowels, screws, springs, semi-finished and finished spare parts, and much more, 2 drawer cabinets
  • 1 Bending Machine  SOLD
    MAE S16RH, YOM ca. 1970, pressing pressure max. 16 t, supply trolley, shaft concentricity tester, accessories
  • 1 Measuring Machine
    MORA 0201.04.08.15, YOM 2003, accessories, PC HP, TFT monitor, keyboard, mouse, laser printer, switch and control cabinet, Z-axis measuring system defective
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  • 2 Tool and Accessory Packages
    • for HEIDENREICH & HARBECK MAKINO MC65 – consisting of: 2 WTS trolleys, metal, content: 47 tools and holders, clamping devices, clamping towers, workbench, wood / metal, 800 x 1,600 mm, 7 pull-outs, telescopic pull-out cabinet, 4 pull-outs
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    • for RECKERMANN – consisting of: workbench, wood / metal, 800 x 1,600 mm, 3 pull-outs, 1-door, vice, jaw width 125 mm, 2 WTS trolleys, 53 clamping devices
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  • 1 Hydraulic Power Pack
    LIPPOLD, pressure max. 250 bar
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  • 1 Digital 3-point Internal Measuring Device
    MITUTOYO BOREMATIC, accessories
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  • 1 Injection Molding Machine
    SENATOR KM4, YOM 2004, not complete, disassembled, accessories, weight approx. 4,500 kg
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  • 1 2-Sided Cantilever Rack  SOLD
    Steel, self-made, W / D / H approx. 5,000 x 2,000 x 1,800 mm, 5 levels, content: item of steel, best. made of: bar material, square material, different. Ø, lengths and sizes, long goods trolleys
  • Other Items
    3-jaw chuck, assembly stand, barrel of automatic transmission oil, clamping cube, clamping plate, cupboard, dishwasher, gauge blocks, guide carriage, hand truck, hydr. machine vice, lot of water hoses, magazine boxes, oil dispenser, oil suction device, pallet racks, pillar crane, pneumatics teaching case, ring processing machine, stepladder, washing station, work table.

   MB&S GmbH
   D-21438 Brackel
   Private Sale
  December 31, 2020
  approx. 40 lots


  Bending Machine
  CNC Lathe
  Digital 3-point Internal Measuring Device
  Horizontal Machining Center
  Hydraulic Power Pack
  Measuring Machine
  Milling Machine
  Private Sale
  Tool and Accessory Package
  Vertical Lathe


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