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The lots have been successfully sold off. This private sale has therefore been completed.

Private Sale

On behalf of the beneficiaries we are conducting a Private Sale of the furnishings and fittings of Freistil GmbH from Kiel. Up for sale will be approx. 50 lots, including a bar and service counter with substructures, parasols, espresso machine, vacuum sealer, industrial kitchen, dishwasher, vegetable cutter, freezer, cooling table, catering seating, vacuum sealer, pizza cooling table top as well as the vehicle fleet and the business and operating equipment. Please see below for full details.

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  Private Sale ends Monday, August 31, 2020

Full sale preferred. Lots close upon bid acceptance. Subject to prior sale.
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Now open by individual appointment
  Freistil Restaurant und Café im Lessingbad Kiel, Lessingplatz 1, D–24116 Kiel


Now open by individual appointment
  Freistil Restaurant und Café im Lessingbad Kiel, Lessingplatz 1, D–24116 Kiel

Auction Details

Approx. 50 lots will be up for Private Sale:

  • 2 Vans
    • FORD Tourneo Custom, Diesel Euro 6, 1.995 ccm, 95 KW, Ident-No. WF03XXTTG3GS17602, first reg. 01/2017, 42,706 km
    • FORD Tourneo Custom, Diesel Euro 6, 1.995 ccm, 95 KW, Ident-No. WF03XXTTG3GS17601, first reg. 01/2017, 36,678 km, equipment: trailer coupling, damage: interior scratches, signs of wear, guide rails rust
  • 1 Bar and Service Counter
    HAGOLA, YOM 2018, 2 parts, each at right angles, total length approx. 5,000 mm each, 1st part consisting of: cooling table, 2x 2 / 2x 3 pull-outs, W 500 mm, dispensing station, 6 taps, single basin, draining area, cooling base, 2x 2 / 2x 3 pull-outs, unit arrangement on the left, 2nd part consisting of: work table, W 700 mm, 3 pull-outs and 1 door, food serving, W 1,500 mm, glass top, 2 levels, subordinate cooling, open substructure, cooling table hctbi5, L-shape with single basin, 2x 3 / 3x 2 pull-outs, W 450 mm , 2-way control, wooden counter top, white tiled outer cladding, 14 stools
  • 4 Parasols
    Floor recess, protective cover
  • 1 Espresso Machine
    ASTORIA, 2 stations, digital display, milk frother
  • 1 Work Table / Back Buffet
    HAGOLA, YOM 2018, W / D 1,900 x 650 mm, consisting of: single basin, draining area, substructure with waste bin, 1 pull-out, 1-door, glass washer HOBART GXCROI-11A, YOM 2017, ice cube maker WESSAMAT W 21 W-12, YOM 2016, W 300 mm
  • 1 Oven / Steam Cooker Combination
    BOSCH, YOM 2018, consisting of a total of 4 built-in devices: 2 steam ovens, 4D hot air, TFT touch display, Eco Clean function, 5 racks, 2 steamers HLHB34-2 / ​​HLHB36-2, 1,900 W, digital display, cabinet housing, 4 pull-outs, 2 drawers, wood (self-made)
  • 1 Cooking Station
    COOKMAX, YOM 2018, 3 parts, consisting of: gas stove, 4-burner, 1 shelf open, griddle-roasting plate, heating zone, W 320 mm, substructure, 1-door, work table, W 400 mm, substructure, 1-door, extractor hood, 3-part, integrated light source
  • 1 Combi Steamer
    RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter, YOM 2018, automatic decalcification, TFT display / touchscreen, 6 racks, base frame, 2x 7 racks, for GN standard parts
  • 1 Conveyor Hood Dishwasher
    HOBART AMXX-10A, YOM 2016, up to 70 baskets / h, basket size 500 x 500 mm, insertion height 440 mm, self-cleaning program, sink, pull-out shower, draining area
  • 1 Vegetable Cutter
    KRONEN KG201, YOM 2017, 0.75 kW, accessories
  • 2 Freezers
    • LIEBHERR BGPv 6570 Index 41C, gross volume 601 l, digital display
    • LIEBHERR BGPv 6570 Index 41C, gross volume 601 l, digital display
  • 1 Cooling Table
    HAGOLA, YOM 2018, W / D 3,000 x 650 mm, 5x 2 pull-outs, W 400 mm, cooling unit on the right, upper and lower drawer, digital display
  • 1 Restaurant Seating
    consisting of: 48 tables, wood, 700 x 700 mm, 88 chairs, wood, white / black, 2 shelves, make IKEA, 5x 5 compartments, 2x 2 pull-outs
  • 1 Vacuum Sealer
    VACUMIT Vacufox Semisencetouch, YOM 2018, 0.9 kW, 350 x 350 mm, underframe, mobile
  • 1 Pizza Counter Top
    NORDCAP A2190, YOM 2018, glass attachment, cooling unit on the right, L 2,000 mm, D 300 mm
  • Other Items
    Aluminum ladder, cash register system, changing room lockers, cleaning trolleys, coffee grinders, cutter, dishes, extractor hood, filing table, GN standard parts, hand sink, hand wash spout combination, heating table, kitchen appliances, loudspeaker boxes, mini-PC, office equipment, outdoor seating, restaurant decoration, saladette, single sink, slicer, snap-in shelving systems, tilting frying pan, wall-mounted slewing crane, work tables.

   Freistil GmbH
   D-24116 Kiel
   Private Sale
  August 31, 2020
 approx. 50 lots


  Bar and Service Counter
  Business & Operating Equipment
  Cafe Furnishings
  Catering Seating
  Cooling Table
  Espresso Machine
  Industrial Kitchen
  Pizza Cooling Table Top
  Restaurant Furnishings
  Vacuum Sealer
  Vegetable Cutter
  Vehicle Fleet


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