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The available lots have all been sold. This Private Sale is now completed.

Private Sale

On behalf of the beneficiaries and due to a site closure we will be auctioning the well-maintained machines and facilities from the Bremen location of Con-Pearl GmbH in a Private Sale on our secure auction platform. Up for sale to the highest bidder will be 6 lots, including a Thermoforming Machine, Hydraulic Punch, Water jet Cutter, Single Girder Bridge Crane, Transport Racks, Water Chiller. Please see below for full details.

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  Private Sale ends Friday, November 30, 2020

  Lots close upon bid acceptance. Subject to prior sale.
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Now open
by individual appointment
  Con-Pearl GmbH, Friedrich-List-Str. 11, D–28309 Bremen


Now open
by individual appointment
  Con-Pearl GmbH, Friedrich-List-Str. 11, D–28309 Bremen

Auction Catalogue
Auction Details

6 lots will be up for auction:

  • 1 Thermoforming Machine VS 14
    HERZ / PINETTE / MEYER, YOM 2005-2009, blank size 1,800 x 3,000 mm, consisting of: MEYER handling system, heating press pressure max. 30t, molding press pressure max. 100t, gripper and feed trolley, 2 cooling units FRIGOMECCANICA MK 55, temperature control unit FRIGOMECCANICA VROL 60HT, stacking system, switch and control cabinets, control panels, accessories – system dimensions L / W / H 27 x 9 x 6.5 m
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  • 1 Hydraulic Punch
    FRIMO, YOM 2014, pressure max. 50t, table size 2,000 x 1,200 mm, control SIEMENS Simatic SITOP PSU 300S / SIRIUS, control panel SIEMENS Simatic HMI Touch
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  • 1 Water Jet Cutter WJ 16  SOLD
    KMT, YOM 2005, swiveling turntable, 2 robots ABB IRB 2400 M2000, YOM 2004/2005, control ABB S4CPlus, HD pump KMT Streamline SL-V50, control panel MOELLER, pressure max. 3600 bar, cabin
  • 1 Single Girder Bridge Crane  SOLD
    HADEF, YOM 1991, load capacity 5,000 kg, lifting height 5,000 mm, corridor control, dimensions L / W 30 x10 m
  • 221 Transport Racks  SOLD
    L / W / H 1,600 x 1,200 x 1,500 mm
  • 1 Water Chiller
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   Con-Pearl GmbH
   D-28309 Bremen
   Private Sale
  November 30, 2020
  6 lots


  Hydraulic Punch
  Private Sale
  Single Girder Bridge Crane
  Thermoforming Machine
  Transport Racks
  Water Chiller
  Water jet Cutter


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